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Sense and Sense -ability Part 1

We have been learning about our senses with some classes on Currclick from Mama Teaches Online.  I have Bear and Lion on this class . Lion is  still very young ,so I am happy just to have her 
Joining in and having fun. Bear is one of the older ones in the class and I expect him to do all the work available.  He is learning and having fun.
Each week we take part in the online class After the class we can download an extension packet of some worksheets and some hands on learning.  Usually we have some experiment to try .
So the first week we were using celery to test out our five senses
What does it look like?
Lion said green.  Bear said straight What does it feel like?
Lion said that it felt smooth. .
Bear said it was smooth on the inside and bumpy on the outside. What does it smell like?
Lion said cheese( !?)
Bear said curry (!?)
I think that is what is from memories of eating it. What does it sound like?
We broke it in our hands.
Both described it as snapping and crunchy. W…

From Steps to Stones

Last time we went to the castle ,Lion spent the time walking up and down the stairs.
This time she was fascinated by throwing stones into the ancient well. It has a metal grid cover -I assume to stop people falling in. Lion was busy figuring out which tiny stones would fit through the holes. She liked the sounds of the stones as they fell through the grid and down the deep well. And she liked making an echo with her voice. I am quite impressed that she knew what an echo was. She was interested in how the well used to provide water and that now we get water from a tap inside our house.
It was a lot easier on my legs , than the fascination with steps.
There was also a craft activity.  The boys were too busy creating their own imaginary games to take part in anything organised . Lion enjoyed getting creative but it was definitely nothing like what the organisers anticipated.  She is good with a pair of scissors and made a lovely sparkly collage.


We took part in the online class @ Currclick from Mama Teaches Online.  I have not read this book before -but Mrs. Jordan (Mama Teaches) had us all hooked from the moment she started reading.  Both Bear and Lion loved the story.  Lion -missed her nap (we were having one of those days ) and was cranky . Tonight ,Lion retold me the story of Stellaluna.  I love ,love ,love that she remembered the story, that Bats hang upside down  to sleep and that Stellaluna wasn't being naughty but just being a bat. (Hmmm there is a message for me in that! ) I get the greatest encouragement -when this happens and you can see they were learning.
Bear-being 8 now  and he can read well but he really enjoyed taking classes with Mrs Jordan over the last year , and I am reluctant to let him stop - now his role is helping Lion take the class.   Mrs Jordan asked questions about the book, the  author  and title page that were above Lion but were a good fit for Bear.
We also have a extension package to pri…

Joseph in Egypt

This is Lion's artwork.  I drew a picture on the left and showed her how to draw a circle for a face and a body with another circle . The drawing on the right is Lion's sketch of Joseph . We added folded index cards for pyramids and added glue and sugar to make it look sandy.
She also did a sketch of an Elephant.

Today Was Easy.

Today ,my 8year old decided to teach himself.  So -he read the curriculum guide. Followed the instructions . Completed all the lessons himself. I think he decided that school would be completed faster -if he didn't have  to wait for my attention-since my time is split three ways. 
Ahhh for self teaching model. His older brother got on the bandwagon.  He too -figured he could read the teachers guide and do the work.
At one point -I had the toddler reading Brown Bear to herself whilst Bear was reading a biography on John Audubon and Bolt was reading a re print of a 19th century book on Fencing.  And that wasn't even his required reading.  It was because he was interested. 
Today was good.  Tomorrow when we are back to rolling around the floor in tears because I am miserable enough to insist on handwriting in cursive or  grammar work ? not missing out capital letters .I want to remember today